My favourite YouTube channels!

My favourite YouTube channels, that have helped me and given me a lot of knowledge, are (in no particular order):

1- MuftiMenkRox

2- mohammadzafar

3- OneWayToParadise

4- FanarQatar

5- Yasmin Mogahed

6- Mohammed Zeyara

7- Wafiq Syed (He has a WordPress account as well!)

8- FSAProductions

9- YMNational

10- One Islam Productions

11- Ad Duhaa

12- hishamalhadi

13- MuslimYouthMovement

14- MuslimAkhi

15- islamicevent

16- productivemuslim

17- lebo2196

18- ummahfilms

19- unite1ummah

20- TheMercifulServant

These have helped me a lot and I hope they help you too, insha’Allah!

A Modern Muslimah


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