My favourite WordPress blogs (at the moment!)

My favourite WordPress blogs, at the moment, are (in no particular order):

1. Just A Blog (I couldn’t find the link to his blog!)
2. candycrystals’ blog
3. Let’s Learn Islam
4. What I say and think should be the same thing
5. The Struggle Within
6. Hijabi Life
7. sugarcoatedveil

Insha’Allah I hope they are beneficial to you. Ameen!

A Modern Muslimah


2 thoughts on “My favourite WordPress blogs (at the moment!)

  1. wow! thank you Modern Muslimah I appreciate it counting me as one of your favorite blogs
    thanks again have a nice day, and an accepted fasting in shaa Allah! 🙂

    • 🙂 Your blog is just amazing and recognising talent is what I like to do! Tabaraka’Allah! That’s okay hun! You too! Insha’Allah may all of our fasts be accepted! Ameen! Xx

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