A hadith that makes one cry subhan’Allah!

A really beautiful hadith!

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And ibn al-Qayyim records the hadith that was related by Abdurahman ibn Samra. He said that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went out to them. He stood among them and said:

I saw something amazing yesterday.

I saw a man from my ummah having the Angel of Death coming to him to seize his soul. Then came good dealings with his parents (to intercede for him) and the Angel of Death left him.

And I saw a man whose torment in the grave was about to come upon him. Then came his ablutions (wudoo) and saved him from that.

Then I saw a man from my ummah who had been surrounded by devils. Then came the remembrance of Allah (adkar & dhikr) and the devils were driven away from him.

And I saw a man of my ummah who was surrounded by the angels of punishment, then there came his…

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An amazing post with amazingly beneficial tips! May Allah(SWT) reward the writer and readers of the post! Insha’Allah ameen.

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Tips on Benefits, Goals and Fasting Regulations In the Month of Ramadan.

90. #RamadanTips “Whoever doesnt give up forged speech & evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food & drink.”

89. #RamadanTips For old age, or terminal illness, (thus they cannot fast) he should give a meal to a needy person for each day he misses.

88. #RamadanTips Intention for Ramadan fasting must be there. Whoever has no intention to fast before he does (night), his fast is invalid.

87. #RamadanTips Fasting of Ramadan is obligatory on every sane, healthy, adult, Muslim capable of fasting.

86. #RamadanTips Whoever observes the fast of Ramadhan out of belief & expects reward, in the ‘Hereafter, his past sins would be forgiven.

85. #RamadanTips Fasting makes man share suffering of Brothers, expends in charity to the poor and needy, trains us, teaches us beauty too.

84. #RamadanTips It is…

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