Forgiving those who hurt you

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I hope you are well.

Just now, I was thinking about someone who had hurt me at work with the way that they spoke and the way that they were with me.

But Allah SWT inspired a beautiful thought in my mind: to forgive them and let Allah SWT deal with these affairs wholly.

The act of genuinely forgiving everyone who has ever hurt you in your life can be hard. Especially if they are deep wounds that still affect you today. However, even though I am finding it a little hard to fully and completely forgive everyone who has hurt me, what keeps me going in the right direction is remembering that Allah SWT is the All Knowing, Most Powerful and The Just so I know whatever anyone had ever done to me, they will be dealt with accordingly. This stops me from trying to make justice with my own hands.

You may think why I am looking at the name of Allah SWT “The Just” even though I said I forgive them. This is because I want justice as anyone would. Even though people may not say it, within them they will always want justice.

Forgiving and letting go will, insha’Allah, bring about a lot of relief and ease for you, helping you to fulfill your amazing potential, without having the past drag you down, leaving you depressed, unhappy and ungrateful.

I hope this helps you and if it does, please share it so that it may help someone else insha’Allah.

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

A Modern Muslimah ❤


Update on things

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I hope you are well.

I have had such a busy month and a bit so I have not been very active on here at all. Sorry!

At the moment, I am currently on a new apprenticeship with Unilever, doing a level 4 IT apprenticeship.

For anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship I really recommend it! There are absolutely loads on offer so don’t think it is just apprenticeships in IT!

This apprenticeship is far less technical though so I am looking at education of users rather than fixing user issues.

Even though it isn’t perhaps what I love doing, I believe that an exposure to different areas within IT is paramount as it can open up a lot of opportunities in the future, insha’Allah.

As with any field, the more that you experience the whole field, the better you understand it and hopefully love it.

I’ve also been doing Arabic lessons and Japanese lessons, beginner lessons and intermediate lessons respectively. They have been amazing as I always wanted to learn Arabic to understand the Qur’an as I read it and I always wanted to keep up with Japanese lessons as it is a language skill that not many have and one that can be an advantage to me, due to Japan’s highly esteemed technical reputation.

Other than that, I was just relaxing and meeting up with friends during my month off as I had been quite anti-social during my last apprenticeship.

If anyone ever wants to take a break off from the working life, I suggest 3 weeks as the perfect time. It’s neither too long or too short. It can be just what you need to renew your desire to work.

I hope everyone is doing well, in the best of health and imaan.

Please update me on what’s been going on in your lives as well!

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

A Modern Muslimah ❤