Free Palestine

May Allah(SWT) grant Palestine freedom and ease and may the evil people who do such things be justly punished! Insha’Allah ameen!

A Modern Muslimah

Farhan Mohamed

scaleWe had tremendous hope, lots
Until the sounds of the athan turned into gun shots
Palestine is still alive
Though just barely, just in the eyes
Tensions rise, from the grinding power
Dropping bombs all through the hour
The smell of death stills the air
People taken, its anything but fair
A mothers cry, heard miles away
Her baby boy was taken today
We are all in there complicated lives
Mothers fled as a means to survive
For the sake hoping their children can thrive
Praying soon they’ll return to Palestine
In the safety of numbers, more tend to arrive

I hear about a stranger dying
and I can’t help but to keep trying
To give confront to another
a grieving parent, lover, brother

All the faces familiar, yet so strange
Behind the frames of aggresion, they contuine to glow
Rough edges and glimpse of change
All the memories I…

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