A moment to reflect

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I hope you are well.

We spend our whole lives just working, running about and doing what we usually do without really taking a few moments or so each day, to truly appreciate Allah(SWT)’s Beautiful Creation of the Earth and the Lower Heaven (the Other Heavens are just as Beautiful and maybe even more, but we don’t see them on a daily basis.)

I write this whilst sitting in my garden looking up at the beautiful sky and listening to the peaceful serenity that surrounds me (other than some noisy children but I’ll excuse them! 🙂 )

The birds that fly with their majestic grace, the planes that soar through the sky every few minutes, the flies that surround you and the birdsong which encompasses you. Just a few parts of this beautiful Creation we hardly ponder upon or appreciate.

We get so caught up in our daily dramas yet we don’t take some time to really get caught up in the beauty which surrounds us. We don’t allow our eyes to open up fully, we just keep them focused on what we need to do.

One thing that I recommend for every single person to do is to really disconnect fully from the man-made world, which usually has us hooked, and we should instead really connect with nature and the Creations that are around us, because no human being can ever create better things than The Creator, Allah(SWT).

Insha’Allah may we all be more appreciative servants. Ameen!

JazakAllahu khairan.

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

A Modern Muslimah ❤


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