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Tips on Benefits, Goals and Fasting Regulations In the Month of Ramadan.

90. #RamadanTips “Whoever doesnt give up forged speech & evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food & drink.”

89. #RamadanTips For old age, or terminal illness, (thus they cannot fast) he should give a meal to a needy person for each day he misses.

88. #RamadanTips Intention for Ramadan fasting must be there. Whoever has no intention to fast before he does (night), his fast is invalid.

87. #RamadanTips Fasting of Ramadan is obligatory on every sane, healthy, adult, Muslim capable of fasting.

86. #RamadanTips Whoever observes the fast of Ramadhan out of belief & expects reward, in the ‘Hereafter, his past sins would be forgiven.

85. #RamadanTips Fasting makes man share suffering of Brothers, expends in charity to the poor and needy, trains us, teaches us beauty too.

84. #RamadanTips It is…

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