Why Islam?

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

I hope you are well.

I thought that I would share with you why I chose to be a Muslimah because I know that there is no compulsion to follow Islam as said in Al-Baqarah (The Cow) [2:256];


In this verse, it states that no-one is forced into Islam and can never be forced into believing the beliefs which Islam upholds. This is because the true way of goodness is so clear to see so people will follow it without having to be forced, as many have done, approximately 1.8 billion of us! The verse goes on to say that believing in Allah(SWT) allows you to hold on to a (metaphorical) hand-hold which will NEVER break or be severed, meaning that all of those things associated with a hand-hold that will never break, such as safety, friendship, companionship, support, love, trust, calmness and closeness, just to name a few, will be provided for you by Allah(SWT) forever as long as you believe.

This is why we, as Muslims, were attracted to this religion, amongst other reasons. We know that as long as we believe, we have the Most Loving, the Most Kind, the Companion, the Protector, the Most Gracious, the Wise and many other qualities of Allah(SWT) forever being there for us in our lives, when things go wrong in our lives, when things go really well in our lives, when people betray us, when we go through changes, etc. We know that Allah(SWT) is only a dua (a calling out) away.



Some other reasons why I, and many others, have chosen this religion are that:

– We are able to directly communicate, without any middle-man, with our Maker at least 5 times a day and that is for, at the very least, 10 minutes for each prayer.

– We have a preventative mindset rather than a curative mindset, in that we prefer to stop any problems from their root before they have time to gain fruition, such as with illegal sexual intercourse, which is stopped at its roots by restricting access to the opposite gender unless there is an absolute necessity, for example, food shopping at a grocer who is of the opposite gender.

– Our men honour women and take care to protect them well. This comes by women respecting themselves, thus gaining men’s respect and attention for their inner qualities, not just for their body parts. In marriage, women are also given a lot more rights than men that must be fulfilled, within reason, by the husband.

– We are given guidance and help in living our lives in the best way because we, as humans, are not able to live our lives in the best way simply following our own desires and whims as we usually get into situations which will be painful, such a break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or which will result in a lot of regret, such as gaining a STD.

These are just some reasons why I chose to be a Muslimah but there are many more.

Despite what the media and people think of us, we are not scary or all completely nuts and want to kill everyone who doesn’t believe what we believe.

It is quite the opposite.

We actually want to help people and give this gift that we have been given to the whole world in order to help everyone out with their pains and unhappiness in their lives. We want them to be as happy as we are, insha’Allah.

Yes, we may have some people who aren’t exactly the portayal of peace and love that we stand for but everyone in every race, religion and country has peole that don’t represent them. How come they aren’t looked at twice, three times or more? Why is it just Muslims that are?

JazakAllahu khairan.

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

A Modern Muslimah ❤


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